The Origin of Fruits in Casino Slots

Some sources indicate that coin-operated slot machines were invented around 1887. Charles Fey from San Francisco, California, invented the first gambling machine to offer payouts and called it the “Liberty Bell.”

The time of fruit slot machines came a little later, in 1907. In those days, it was quite hard to find them. These fruit slot machines were modified versions of the Liberty Bell slot machine, and they featured a variety of fruits on the reels instead of cards. This included fruits like plums, lemons, grapes, and cherries.

Psychologists argue that the image of juicy fruits triggers the senses that alert a person to hunger. Hunger is a primal sense, and people may find that looking at images of organic fruits on a slot machine may trigger this sense. The hunger is associated with the desire and thrill of making some real cash returns at the slots.

The company that manufactured the fruit slots was based in Chicago. The fruity machines increased in popularity year upon year. Gambling enthusiasts were flocking in droves to their nearest casino to pull the lever on the one-armed bandit. Casinos and other gambling houses had to keep up with the growing demand.

Variations of the fruit machines were being designed and manufactured daily, and no casino would dare to be caught without one of these machines on the floor. It became a race to see who would own the best and most attractive fruit slots.

Today, people can easily access their favourite slot games on trendy sites like Karamba online casino, and there are hundreds of fruit slots available to play for free. Online casinos are equipped with new tools to make slot machines, table games, and bonuses extremely attractive.