Thousands of books about organic farming are being published annually. The following books have been reviewed by the Rye Farmers Market and are definitely worth considering when looking to learn more about organic farming practices.

The Organic Method Primer by Bargyla Rateaver

This book is quite rare, but it can help readers comprehend the principles and the fundamentals of organic gardening. The author is an expert on organic farming, and it is supposedly the first textbook ever written on the topic. He started with the organic method in California and organised the first organic conference in the state.

For readers who want to start their own organic farm, it’s filled with tips that are backed by science. Farmers that understand why organic gardening is the best, will be encouraged to make the switch. This book may encourage people to buy organic products as well.

Secrets of the Soil by Dan Carlson

The Secrets of the Soil covers innovative theories about enhancing plant growth and biodynamic agriculture. It talks about methods for restoring poor quality soil. Furthermore, it talks about the soil as a living organism.

The soil is made up of many different components. It is important to make sure that the dirt on a farm is in top-notch condition to grow high-quality organic food. Don’t miss out on trending technologies in agriculture. Farmers should ultimately benefit the environment and the consumers who eat the produce.

The Non-Toxic Farming Handbook by Philip A. Wheeler

Every farmer is susceptible to practising toxic farming methods, no matter how experienced or smart he or she may be. When farmers need to deal with an issue concerning pests, disease or planning, there may be some solutions here. It is compiled in a way that makes it easy for a beginner to understand. It provides the reader with a series of summaries concerning research on weeds, soil recovery, and biology.

Wheeler consults for farmers around the world, and he is an international agronomist who runs a soil testing lab. This book is an excellent resource for students.

The Holistic Orchard: Tree Fruits and Berries

This book will encourage readers to grow fruits the natural way. With a sufficient amount of space and dedication, readers with green fingers can make it work. Find out more about the growth cycles of trees and how to design and learn to develop advanced techniques like grafting two plant varieties together.

Learn more about organic farming on this online platform. Furthermore, gather knowledge on the workings of pollination and biodiversity.